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  • Please fill out the Agreement form and then submit. A Legacy representative will contact you in a timely fashion to confirm the details of your event.

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    If a Modified Shotgun Start is selected, the minimum number for which you will be charged is 72.
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    Food Service: Minimum of 32 meals required for each selection.

  • Beverages:
  • DEPOSIT & CONTRACT: To reserve the date and time requested, sign and date the two Group Outing Agreement forms signifying you understand The Legacy Rules & Policies. Formal booking is not complete until both pages of the Group Outing Agreement are received along with a $500 nonrefundable deposit. The Legacy reserves the right to book other events if the deposit and contract are not received in a timely manner. Please carefully read both pages of the Group Outing Agreement before signing.

    PLAYER GUARANTEE: 10 days prior to the event date The Legacy will require a final confirmation regarding the number of golfing participants. This is the number for which you will be charged or the actual number of golfers whichever is greater. Also, at this time an initial list of pairings should be sent to The Legacy staff.

    MEAL GUARANTEE: A menu selection and confirmed number of meals needs to be relayed to The Legacy 10 days before the event. The confirmed number should include the number of golfers and any additional meals for volunteers or non-golfing guests. The guarantee cannot be reduced and represents the minimum number for which you will be billed. All menu options and beverages are subject to a 7% tax and 18% service fee.

    PRICING: Cost concerning golf, meals and beverages are clearly defined in the Group Outing Planner. Golf costs vary upon the time of day, number of players and starting format. If a Modified Shotgun format is selected, the minimum number for which you will be charged is 72 players.

    CONTESTS & EVENTS: The outing coordinator and/or undersigned company is solely responsible for any contests (i.e. hole-in-one), prizes and events. Including any and all financial obligations incurred from the previously mentioned contests.

    DAMAGES: The Legacy reserves the right to request any participant to leave the premises. Group sponsors are liable and will be charged for any damages to the premises or equipment.

    PAYMENT OF THE EVENT: An invoice will be sent following the event. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card. Outstanding invoices over 15 days from the event date will incur a 1.5 % finance charge.

    ** I, or Undersigned Company, have read and understand The Legacy Golf Club Policies. I, or Undersigned Company, have agreed the group will follow all stated policies and regulations as described on the Course Policies, Catering Terms & Notices and Group Outing Agreement pages including the Meal & Player Guarantee. I, or Undersigned Company, guarantee full payment for all charges, green fees, cart rentals and any and all other services provided by The Legacy Golf Club for the requested event.

    On June 30, 2000, Congress enacted the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act(1) ("ESIGN" or "the Act"), to facilitate the use of electronic records and signatures in interstate and foreign commerce by ensuring the validity and legal effect of contracts entered into electronically. **To reserve the date and time requested, E-sign and date these forms signifying you understand the above items.

    In order to complete the reservation, a deposit and the signed Group Outing Agreement pages must be received.

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