The Legacy will be open for play on Wednesday, March 25th.  We do have precautions and safety measures put into place. We would ask that all players review these policies prior to reserving a tee time. Some of those measures are listed below.

  • Clubhouse will only be open for use of the restrooms (which will be sanitized hourly). No more than 10 people at a time will be allowed in.
  • Check-in along with food and beverage sales will be completed outdoors.
  • No Cash. We will only be accepting credit/debit cards and they must be placed on file when making a tee time. We will not be handling credit/debit cards during this time. 
  • We are encouraging walking. We do not have nearly enough pull carts for everyone.
  • Only one (1) golfer will be allowed in each golf cart to encourage social distancing, unless family members or approved by Legacy. Please note there could be a shortage of golf carts throughout the day as we will more than likely not have enough carts to accommodate all players.
  • Due to the recent rain, golf carts will be restriced to the cart paths. With the recent closures of gyms and heathclubs, The Legacy is strongly encouraging walking. 😊
  • The driving range will be closed until further notice.
  • Since we are practicing social distancing, we ask that you leave the golf course immediately following your round.