A recent article written by Seth Jones in Golfdom Magazine(September 2019), discusses slow play.  The article is titled, “Overanalyzing the Mad Scientist”.
In my mind, slow plan on the PGA Tour is an annoyance, but at least those players are playing for some real stakes.  If Bryson DeChambeau finishes last, he’ll still take home $395,000.
More frustrating is how slow play pervades the game beyond professionals.  It’s bad for the golfers and the golf course.  I wonder how many people who hassle DeChambeau on Twitter for slow play are guilty of the same thing at their local muni.  It’s one of those problems everyone seems to agree on, yet we can’t overcome.
Maybe we all need to be more like the PGA European Tour.  Penalty strokes don’t mean anything to a weekend foursome barely keeping score, but instead, make every foursome slap down a $20 deposit as slow-play insurance.  As long as you return your cart within the allotted time, you get your money back.
And if that doesn’t work, go with the PGA Tour’s method for stopping slow play- the fear of Brooks Koepka kicking your ass.

Seth Jones, Editor-In-Chief & Associate Publisher, (sjones@northcoastmedia.net)