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A recent article written by Tim Moraghan in Golf Course Industry Magazine(August 2019), discusses the two things superintendents have no control over are the weather and golfers. He wrote a series of “Dear NARP” letters.  NARP stands for “Non-Agronomic Real Person.”  For example, if a storm just went through, even though the sun is now shining, doesn’t mean the course is dry and ready to play.  Here are his thoughts on SUMMER SATURATION.
Live along the Eastern Seaboard or in the middle of the country and you’re familiar with the three Hs: heat, humidity and high dew points. On those really hot, sticky days, there’s no evaporation — it’s “air you can wear.” With that much moisture in the air and in the ground, the grass will be soft, the greens slow, and the bent and Poa won’t grow. Forget firm and fast; ask the pro in the shop if you can lift, clean and place!There’s no let-up in sight as changing weather patterns bring more heat and frequent heavy rains. Your superintendent will do what they can to protect the turf, which is a minor inconvenience compared to having to close the course for major turf repair and care.And please don’t be like the NARP who recently asked me to talk to the superintendent at my New Jersey club because “the greens are slower than my living room carpet.” Wiping the sweat off my face, I asked him, “Do you keep your living room at 104 degrees?”

Tim Moraghan, principal, ASPIRE Golf (tmoraghan@aspire-golf.com). Follow Tim’s blog, Golf Course Confidential at www.aspire-golf.com/buzz.html or on Twitter @TimMoraghan