One week ago we were considered to be in a drought and rainfall was hard to come by.  Since that time, we have received nearly 6″ of rain in very short time frames.  Besides the rain, we also had strong winds that brought down numerous trees, branches, leaves and debris.  On Tuesday morning, 4 of the holes were not playable.  Luckily, with the hard work of our amazing staff from our Maintenance Crew, Cart Attendants, Pro Shop Staff and whoever else was willing to help, we were able to be open for an event later that day.  It has been a very trying week as we not only tried to get cleaned up, but also do the daily maintenance duties of mowing, raking bunkers, changing cups, etc.  I want to personally thank all of our customers who came out to play this week and always had positive things to say even though there was not much to be positive about.  We truly appreciate your comments and understanding of what we are trying to do.  I can promise you that our staff has been working tirelessly to always provide the best conditions possible regardless of the elements.  However, sometimes Mother Nature wins.  Here is to a better week.