With the 1.5″+ of moisture that we received within the last 24 hours here is the latest course update for Sunday, September 18th.

  • Carts will be restricted to the paths only
  • Driving Range will be closed
  • Pace of Play: 4:30 or less

Based upon the recent rainfall and depending upon if we receive much drying time, these restrictions may remain in place for sometime.  There is also more rain in the forecast for Sunday, September 18th.  Feel free to follow up or check our website for additional details or updates.

It has been a very interesting day with the weather. Due to another round of storms moving in, the golf course will now be closed. The course will be open tomorrow(Sunday, September 18th).

As of now we have received nearly 1″ of rain. We are anticipating some type of cart restrictions in place for tomorrow(possibly beyond) as well as the driving range availability. We will know more in the morning when our Superintendent is able to get on the golf course.

We have started teeing of groups this morning. If you have a tee time later, please do not plan for an extended delay and plan on arriving at your tee time so that we can get groups sent out. For any questions or adjustments to your tee time please call us at 515-287-7885 x2.

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The Legacy Golf Club is currently under a lightning delay. Once play resumes we will send off groups in order that they booked. For any questions about the delay, or to cancel your tee time please give us a call in the pro shop at 515-287-7885 x2.

The sunshine and wind yesterday was a welcome sight.  Cart restrictions have been lifted and we are now back to the 90* rule.  The driving range is fully open.  We are looking forward to a great week of golf with fantastic weather and hope to see you out at The Legacy.

The 1″ of rain we received yesterday was fantastic.  The forecast is calling for sunshine and great temperatures for today and the remainder of this week.  Here is an update on the course conditions for today.

  • Cart Rule: Roughs Only(No Fairways)
  • Driving Range: Open(limited available spots)
  • Pace of Play: 4:15 or less

Thank you to Mother Nature for providing us with a slow and steady rain. This is exactly what we needed. The golf course will be closed for the remainder of today(Saturday, September 10th), but will be back open for play on Sunday, September 11th. Based upon the amount of rain already received along with the forecast, we would expect some type of cart restrictions for Sunday, September 11th. We will know tomorrow morning once the sun comes up and our maintenance staff is able to get on the course. We will also let you know about the status of the driving range. Enjoy the Iowa/ISU game!

It was great to have the additional rainfall on Friday morning, but it was also nice to see the sun in the afternoon.  For Saturday, September 3rd, carts will be allowed off the paths using the 90* rule and the driving range is open.

We heard there was a slight chance of rain and showers last night.  However, we were not expecting to receive an inch and a half.  We have received nearly 4″ of rain since Sunday.  We are happy to see more moisture, but we will now need some drying days.  Therefore, carts will be restricted to the CART PATH ONLY and the DRIVING RANGE IS CLOSED(September 2nd).

With more rain being forecasted for this evening, it is likely that cart restrictions will remain in place for awhile.  Please feel free to view our homepage which is updated daily with the course conditions and restrictions(if any).

Well that was fast! A BIG Thank You for all who seized the day early this morning and registered for our Fall 8″ Cups! In less than 12 hours we have sold out both events with the final spot selling this morning at 11:28 A.M.

For those who registered: If you have not updated your tee time with all four players names, please be sure to do that as soon as possible or call into the pro shop at 515-287-7885 x2 to do so. We need those to print off scorecards. If you are unable to make it, please call in and let us know. We have many groups that want to play and are currently on the waitlist. If you are unable to make it, let us know so we can get you refunded and begin working through the waitlist.

To be added to the waitlist, please email Alan with your preferred day and tee time.