Reserve your tee time online at . Few things to remember when doing so online.

  • Please reserve the tee time for the actual number of golfers. If your plans or numbers do change, you can adjust online reservations up to 24 hours before the tee time. Within 24 hours, you must call 515-287-7885 x2.
  • We do not accept tee times for single players.
  • Groups of less than 4 players will be paired up.
  • Multiple tee time reservations must be made through Trevis
  • Be sure to include the names of your playing partners. It sends them an email with the tee time reservation.

Dates for our 8″ Cup 4-Person Scramble have been set for these popular tournaments.  Registration and payment must be completed online.  For more details including dates CLICK HERE. For questions email Trevis.

It has been an interesting week with The Legacy receiving rainfall every day since last Sunday.  Thus far, we have received nearly 3.5″ of rain.  Therefore, golf carts will be restricted to the paths for at least the next couple of days and we hope to have the driving range open on Saturday.  There was a recent article in Golf Course Industry and written by Tim Moraghan.  He discussed a variety of topics that a superintendent has to deal with daily.

AFTER RAIN – If the sign says to keep your cart on the path, do so.  Even if the sun is out.  After heavy rain, the turf will be soft and the cart can damage it and maybe get stuck.  Which is bad for the course and the cart.  And it could cause an injury to you, too.  It doesn’t matter that the course down the street is letting carts leave the path.  No two courses are exactly alike even if they’re next-door neighbors.

You’ve heard the expression “sh*t flows downhill?” The really is true on a golf course. Silt, soil, grass clippings and other debris will head downhill when dislodged by heavy rain, and seek the lowest areas collecting there.  Drainage and evaporation will be slow, so those areas should be avoided.

I heard of a club member who complained to the green chairman that ” I noticed the fairway was really wet as I drove across it.  When are we going to get the superintendent to fix this?”.  We’re good at our jobs, but we leave the weather to a higher power.  By Tim Moraghan

Slow play is a widespread problem and contributing to the decrease in the number of golfers.  We all live very busy lives and are constantly multitasking and being pulled in many different directions.  We understand and are attempting to do what we can to educate golfers on our policies and expectations.

Therefore, in 2019 we have enacted our Pace of Play Policy.
18 holes in 4:15 or less
9 holes in 2:05 or less

Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide the same experience to every player no matter what day or time they tee off.   We would also like to thank everyone who follows this policy, but have also taken the time communicate to our staff how much they appreciate what we are trying to do.  The overall response from customers has been extremely positive and gives us even more drive and determination to do what we can to help eliminate slow play.

If you are looking to improve your game and enjoy golf more, then contact Legacy Pro Rob Randall.  Rob was voted as the #1 Instructor in the State of Iowa in 2018.  Rob’s knowledge, experience and expertise is second to none and he can help you.  For more details visit

Mother Nature is trying to make it difficult on us, but we keep fighting back.  The course received almost 3″ of rain yesterday.  Therefore, golf carts will be restricted to the paths only for the foreseeable future and the driving range is not open.  We are hoping that we miss the rain on Thursday and can enjoy some sunshine and drying conditions.

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On Monday – Thursday 18 holes with cart = $45 + tax.  Friday – Sunday & Holidays = $55 + tax.  We offer a Senior Rate for ages 60+ on Monday – Thursday = $37 + tax.  We also offer a Twilight Rate on Friday – Sunday after 2pm = $40 + tax.  For all other rate information and details CLICK HERE.

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It looks like the forecast did change overnight and we did receive more rain than originally thought.  Therefore, golf carts are restricted to the paths only and the driving range will not be available.  Hopefully, there is some drying time before the next round of rain on Thursday.

Registrations are rolling in for both 8″ Cup events on Sunday, October 6th and 13th.  Tee times remain available between 11:45am & 1:15pm.  Be sure to register and pay for your team soon to be certain that you get in.  To register and pay visit

The Legacy has many nuances on every hole that as you play more and more hopefully you have learned from your mistakes.  Take a look at our hole by hole tour of the golf course including details, tips and drone footage.  It gives you some great views and should only help your score next time you play.  Visit